All our weddings include a professional and qualified British Celebrant to perform your ceremony.

The legal civil ceremony in Turkey is performed by the registrar and of course, is delivered in Turkish. Our celebrant is present to translate the ceremony so the Bride & Groom and all wedding guests understand the commitment agreed under Turkish law.

Despite the fact that the words exchanged during any ceremony are the fundamental structure and is what gives the ceremony meaning and creates emotion, it is often overlooked. We know how important this part of the wedding ceremony is, that’s why we ensure that these words are delivered professionally and with passion.

Our celebrant works closely with all our couples before arriving in Turkey and gets to know you personally. They introduce the ceremony and welcome your guests. They read a short paragraph with an introduction about you as a couple, how you met and a little about your journey and how you got to this special day. This creates a wonderful sense of coming together and a beautiful opening to the ceremony.

Traditionally a Turkish ceremony is very short and to the point. Our Celebrant elaborates and includes an option for vow exchange in English to maximise the duration of your ceremony. This may be traditional English vows, or you may choose to write your own or choose from a selection of alternative vows. Whatever your choice, you know that your ceremony will be delivered to the highest standard.

We work together with our Celebrant to deliver wedding ceremonies, vow renewals, blessings and symbolic ceremonies. We welcome all couples whether it’s just the 2 of you exchanging a few intimate words or you’re joined by an entourage of family and friends and read your own vows or have them read for you.

Symbolic Ceremonies

A symbolic ceremony commemorates the marriage between 2 people that have may have legally married before they arrived in Turkey or they plan to marry when they return home. Or perhaps for those who don’t want to or for whatever reason can not marry legally. Whatever the reason we can tailor the ceremony to suit you.

Vow Renewals

Maybe you’re celebrating a significant anniversary or overcome some difficulties or challenges within your marriage and want to reaffirm your love for one another. Renewing your vows is a beautiful way to relive the vows and promises you once made to one another. Whether your vow renewal is intimate with just the 2 of you or you want to bring along your family and friends, it’s a wonderful opportunity to remember the adventures you’ve taken along the way and celebrate the love that still binds you together.

Same Sex Weddings

Currently Turkey does not legally permit the marriage between 2 people of the same gender. However, nowadays in Turkey – especially here in the Aegean area – same-sex couples are very common and welcomed with the same hospitality. We can perform a symbolic ceremony for same-sex couples which will look and feel the same as a legal ceremony.

Unity Rituals

A unity ceremony is a symbolic ritual woven into the wedding ceremony. They are meaningful additional ceremonies that symbolise unity and coming together and honour the couples’ commitment to one another that are performed after the official marriage ceremony. Often unity rituals are taken from various cultures and traditions. Here are some beautiful Unity rituals explained.

Hand Fasting

Handfasting is a beautiful symbolic ritual signifying the bond between the couple and celebrates their choice to be with one another. It’s an ancient Celtic tradition where the couple stand face to face as their right hands are tied together – Hence the term “tie the knot” . Tying the knot originates from Hand Fasting. Their hands are bound with one or a number of coloured cords or ribbons woven together and each of the colours has a different meaning. As the hands are bound the couple or the Celebrant can recite words to express your commitment to each other.

Sand Ceremony

A sand ceremony is a simple, yet incredibly fascinating ritual. Originating and since evolved from an ancient Hebrew tradition of the Salt Covenant where salt was used in exchange to seal friendships, agreements, and contracts and was a seal of truce and peace. The idea is that each couple take turns to decant different coloured sand into a decorative jar (or more commonly a box display frame) to create a beautiful masterpiece of combined sand. It’s especially symbolic for couples who have children perhaps from a previous relationship that they are bringing together in this marriage as the children can join in with another colour of sand. The act symbolises two or more people joining together as one, the idea being that once sand is combined together it’s impossible to completely separate it again. A beautiful, yet fun way to represent your unity and offers a keep sake you can display at home.

Unity Candle

This candle-lighting ceremony usually involves the couple lighting one large candle from two smaller family candles. Traditionally, the smaller, thinner candles are lit by each of their mothers or a chosen person from their respective families. Together, the couple will use their individual candles to light a third candle at the same time. This third candle is thicker and larger and is called the unity candle. This ritual represents the merging of two families into one.

There’s lots of other Unity Rituals, our Celebrant can discuss other options with you. Or if you have a particular ritual you’d like to include, let us know!

We work closely with our Celebrant to perform these ceremonies. The Celebrant will be in touch with you directly before arriving in Turkey and will discuss the details and options of your ceremony in more detail.